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Nortuna Appoints New CEO, Jan Magne Gilje

Oppdatert: 30. apr.

In a significant corporate announcement, Nortuna has appointed Jan Magne Gilje as its new Chief Executive Officer. This strategic decision is made as Nortuna prepares to expand its operations and address the complex challenges of global aquaculture through its pioneering project in Cabo Verde.


A Rigorous Selection Process

Anders Attramadal, the Chairman of Nortuna's Board, highlighted the exhaustive and meticulous search for a candidate who could navigate the multifaceted nature of the role. "Our project in Cabo Verde is breaking new ground in both biology and culture. Throughout the various phases we've encountered, which included both challenges and successes, it became evident that we needed a leader who could handle complex projects across different locations and cultures effectively," Attramadal explained.

Multidisciplinary Expertise Required

The new CEO's role is critical as Nortuna focuses on operationalizing and scaling production to meet future market demands and export requirements. "We sought someone with a blend of expertise in sales, marketing, finance, biology, quality assurance, and intercultural management. It's imperative for the CEO to handle risks efficiently across these areas and inspire both internal and external stakeholders," Attramadal added.

Unanimous Board Approval

Jan Magne Gilje was unanimously recommended by a special committee formed to assess potential candidates for the CEO position. His appointment reflects his deep commitment to Nortuna and the aquaculture industry. "We are reassured by Jan Magne's consistent performance in addressing challenges and his support across various company sectors over the years," said Attramadal.

Future-Focused Leadership

Gilje's tenure will focus on enhancing systems for improved quality control and management, crucial for upcoming certification processes necessary for export readiness and market access. "His technical background in technological solutions for process control will be vital in ensuring modern, safe, and efficient operations," the chairman praised.

Immediate Responsibilities and Transition

As CEO, Gilje will immediately commence preparations for the upcoming spawning season for Bluefin tuna. His extensive experience with the company and his in-depth knowledge of logistics will also be instrumental as Nortuna aims to ensure the critical transport of biological materials from the Mediterranean to their hatcheries.

Board Transition

With Gilje stepping into the CEO role, he will resign from the board, and the search for new board members will begin shortly.


This leadership transition marks a significant milestone for Nortuna as it navigates the complexities of a global market, aiming to enhance its position as a leader in sustainable aquaculture practices.

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