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Esmoregal –
the Wonder Fish


Healthy and
Nutritious Choice

Esmoregal (a.k.s Seriola Rivoliana), far from an ordinary fish species, is part of the Carangidae family, known by various names such as Almaco Jack, Highfin Amberjack, Silvercoat Jack, Longfin Yellowtail, and Yellow Kingfish, to name a few. 


In Cabo Verde, Esmoregal is considered a delicacy. With firm, white flesh, it's perfect for sushi, sashimi, ceviche, or grilling. Its high content of omega-3, protein, and vitamins makes it a healthy and nutritious choice, even earning the title "wonder fish" from Fortune Magazine. 


The fact that Esmoregal spawn throughout most of the year in Cabo Verde positions it as an excellent candidate for aquaculture alongside Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, utilizing Nortuna's existing hatchery capacity in periods outside Bluefin season. It stands out as a highly paid and valued species, with significant economic potential in aquaculture development.  

Premium fish farming for sushi


It's not genetically engineered in any way, just well bred. It's sashimi-grade and sustainably farmed without hormones or prophylactic antibiotics. It's richer in omega-3 than just about anything else in the ocean and has no detectable mercury. It melts on your tongue, holds up on the grill, and is so rich in oils that it'll fry in a pan without butter.  

Fish farming Seriola Rivoliana
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