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Shareholder Trip: Meeting Two Ministers from the Cape Verde Government!

Oppdatert: 1. mai

It was already known to most of us that Nortuna has a Country Manager with a solid network in Cape Verde. But that Luis F. Rodrigues has such strong ties to the power holders on the island state that he can gather two ministers from the government and the entire public power sphere within maritime decisions for meetings with Nortuna's shareholders, has truly impressed us all!

Shareholders traveling to Cape Verde in mid-April can look forward to an exciting program that includes meetings with "everything that is" of decision-makers within the blue industry on the island.

It's impressive what you have gathered of resources to meet our investors, Luis F. Rodrigues. What are the ambitions for these meetings?

Firstly, we wish to introduce the company's owners to important decision-makers in Cape Verde. In this way, we get a good opportunity to discuss common interests with the country's leadership for the benefit of both parties. We get an insight into how the government views the company's establishment in the country. We hope to gain some insight into their considerations around what development opportunities they see for Nortuna in the future, and also share a bit about their hopes for how the company can contribute locally and nationally. This will be exciting.

It's important for us at Nortuna to reconfirm the company's previously stated intentions of further developing the company's operations according to previously presented expansion plans on the islands São Vicente, Santo Antão, and São Nicolau. The authorities should trust that the company's ambitions are steadfast, explains Jan Magne Gilje. -We want to use this opportunity to demonstrate our ownership commitments, and confirm the desire to contribute to the development of a new and exciting sustainable industry for Cabo Verde. This in respect for, and through close collaboration with, local authorities. The company aims to become a significant employer and seafood exporter for the best of social development and for the country's economy. We are very pleased that we get to include some of our owners in this dialogue with the authorities, he reflects.

In this way, these can become exciting meetings with central and interesting people in the civil service and government apparatus, explains Jan Magne.

Luis has done a very important job for us as a door opener to the country's leadership over time. - We are now looking forward to facilitating direct dialogue between our owners and the decision-making authorities with whom Nortuna collaborates for the development of the blue industry in the country.

We will meet the president of the state company Cabo Verde Trade Invest. It is a company whose main goal is to stimulate national and international investments in the country. This, we believe, will be exciting to learn more about. And not least the opportunity to mingle a bit with the company's president, Jose Aldama Dias, explains Jan Magne.

Then the agenda becomes more maritime.

ZEEMSV, or Zona Económica Especial Maritima em São Vicente as it is called, is the company responsible for developing and promoting the island state's maritime resources. This is the company that manages the concession authority here in Cape Verde. It will be exciting to hear the president of the directorate, Julio Augusto Pires Almeida. And not least, it's great that both he and the directorate get to meet several of the owners and investors of Nortuna. I know they will greatly appreciate it.

Then there will be a meeting with no less than two government heads!


Luis has done an absolutely outstanding job. First, we will have a meeting with the Minister of the Sea. His name is Abrão Anibal Barbosa Vicente, and he has visited our facility on several occasions. Then we will meet Cape Verde's Finance Minister, Olavo Avelino Barbosa Correia, in a digital meeting. He plays a key role in the government, and both are very important contacts for us in Nortuna. It is through these relationships we will frame to create this exciting industrial adventure in Cape Verde.

I believe this will be an exceptionally exciting day for us all. And a unique opportunity to meet important stakeholders, who are enthusiastic supporters and important resources for us through the organizations they lead.

There will be ample opportunity for mingling between sessions and after the program. We encourage you all to participate in this important relationship building!

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