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Named Among the Top 10 Under 40 in the World – Newly Hired at Nortuna!

Oppdatert: 30. apr.

He has been named one of the industry's top 10 under 40 years old! Now, Aleksander Haugen is leaving his position as department head of the wrasse hatchery department at the world's largest aquaculture company, Mowi, in favor of breeding tuna and Seriola with Nortuna. And he knows what he's getting into, as the 28-year-old has already spent a summer vacation in Cape Verde!

Aleksander Haugen is one of those who truly lives and breathes aquaculture. Starting his career as an extra help at Mowi at 15, he took vocational high school courses in aquaculture, learning the basics of fish farming. During this period, he also worked as extra help at several Mowi facilities. Eventually, he started as an apprentice at Mowi Øygarden, working across all departments: live feed, broodstock, spawning, larvae, and growth.

After a 2-year apprenticeship, he became a technician for another 3 years before being promoted to department head. Being 8 years in aquaculture by the age of 23 and already a department head is not something many can boast of. Since then, he has added another 5 years of experience as a department head. Despite all his experience, Aleksander is still a very young man, turning 29 in February.

As department head for larvae at Mowi Rensefiks Øygarden, he worked almost exclusively with larval production and was responsible for feed control and purchasing, production planning, economy, sorting, and coordination with other departments.

Alongside his work at Mowi, Aleksander has completed both vocational and studies at the Technical College of Hordaland, focusing on water chemistry, microbiology, and fish health, specifically tailored to aquaculture in RAS systems. He is now pursuing part-time studies at NMBU in sustainable economy and management.

There is no doubt about Aleksander Haugen's ambition. His skills are so recognized that the industry magazine Hatchery International has nominated him as one of the top 10 most promising professionals under 40 years old!

And now, he's about to start working at Nortuna!

With more than a decade under his belt in wrasse farming and five years leading larval and hatchery departments, this experienced specialist steps into a role as one of the driving forces at Nortuna. From handling challenges at one of the world's largest aquaculture companies, he will now assist his new employer with developing aquaculture for Seriola and tuna. How do you view this challenge?

My experience from larval/hatchery with wrasse is broadly much of the same work that will be done in Cape Verde. Like both tuna and Seriola, wrasse is a very new species in aquaculture and is very challenging to manage commercially on a stable basis. I think this is a good starting point and makes me well-prepared for the job we will do together at Nortuna.

From the world's largest aquaculture company to Nortuna, that's exciting for us. Where does your motivation for such a leap lie?

I had a small summer job in Cape Verde during my vacation from Mowi last year. It whetted my appetite. I'm really eager to be part of the team that's going to build up a new concept around Seriola and tuna.

There are also other conditions that allure.

The opportunity to be part of building and influencing the development of Nortuna "almost" from the start is also very tempting, he explains.

And when we wonder about the risk associated with working in a startup versus the world's largest aquaculture company, he sees more opportunities than challenges.

There's obviously a greater risk going to a new job in a startup than staying in safe surroundings. But being part of Nortuna's journey ahead is incredibly exciting, and not something I would let slip away.

It's primarily very exciting to face such challenges, and it greatly motivates me to work with species that don't have a set protocol on how they should be treated to achieve good results. Working towards finding that protocol is my biggest motivation. It challenges the professional in me.

It's both good and reassuring to hear that you have great faith in Nortuna. Where do you think the company will stand when 2024 is over, and where do you see yourself and Nortuna in five years?

As we approach the turn of the year 2024/2025, we'll likely have a small group of tuna in the sea. Much of the 2023 Seriola will be slaughtered, and new Seriola will be in the sea. And the hatchery will be full of small Seriola and larvae, he says optimistically and with a confident and expectant smile.


In 5 years, I envision Nortuna having a significantly larger hatchery and many more employees. At that time, I hope my role will be to have an overarching view and, together with good colleagues, have thorough control over the entire production.

It's good to hire skilled people. It's even better to hire people who know what they're talking about and at the same time see opportunities.

Welcome to the team, Aleksander Haugen. We look forward to having you with us soon.

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